Hollywood Drive-By==


Hollywood Driveby, a Huntington based band, was started in March 2011 by MC/vocalist Vendetta [Vijay Ramcharitar] and regional gold medalist drummer Kap [Adam Kaplan]. The band's line up filled out by August 2011 with vocalist/rhythm guitarist J-Flo [Josh Berger], lead guitarist CL-5 [Chuck McNally] and bassist Chevy [Chyennyne DeLorenzo] . The band blends multiple genres including Hard Rock, Hip Hop, Alternative Rock, Punk, Metal, and Funk to get a unique sound that has the feel of the 90s era blended with modern styles and production.

Hollywood Drive-By has shared the stage with Jackknife Stiletto, The Royal Warrants, Sunday Night Scene, Warden and the F.A.M.E., Summerton Suitcase, Hello Juipiter, Ugly Danger, Bookwurm, Mourning Rain, I Ignite and many other regional and local acts.

The Radicall Rebellion EP:Edit

Shortly after adding Chevy to the line up, the band recorded their first studio EP, The Radical Rebellion in the fall of 2011, officially released in January 2012. The record is available to purchase in hard copies, and soon to be available on iTunes.

Future ProjectsEdit

The band announced on January 13th that they are in the midst of recording a full length album while shopping for a record deal/label. The tentative name of the up coming project is "Love Stories Suck", hinting at a possible different focus from the mostly politically charged Radical Rebellion EP.

As of July 2012, Hollywood Drive-By released a new single, "It Ain't Enough", recieving generally positve reviews. It is hinted that this will be one of the songs featured on their first LP.

Fun FactsEdit

The band has an odd obsession with orange soda.


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