Hope Drive was an Post Hardcore band from Long Island formed in 2005. The band was originally known as "Toast"/"A Toast to No One" and had Shaun Rutledge as a screamer, Chris Zalvidar as lead singer, Tommy Davis on drums, Steve Davis on bass, and Matt Borkowsky on guitar.

After a while, however, Shaun left the band, he was replaced with Matt Botta, Steve moved to guitar, and Jon Kurmanchik became bassist. Chris Zalvidar eventually left the band.

The band played shows around Long Island and grew quite a following. However, in 2008 the band broke up without ever having a physical release. Drummer, Tommy Davis played in Long Island Indie Rock band, Wilbur, during his stay in Hope Drive, and continued to play with them until their hiatus due to most of the band going away to college. He now plays drums in Gabriel the Marine.


Former MembersEdit

  • Shaun Rutledge
  • Chris Zalvidar


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