Hornswaggled is a song by The Microwave Orphans that appeared on the split EP with 48 in The Basement - Young and Abrasive and a live version from Dr. Shays in Lindenhurst appears on Precise Microwave Orphans Order - 17 Of The Worst Live Perfomances . It was written about an outting to a local minigolf park with Nick Berlingieri.


Nothin' to to at 1am

decided to go mini golfin

we were met by a girl low and behold

she was stranded and she was broke


since we are just stupid guys

we decided to be nice

she knew Nick's sister

things were funny

then we gave her all our money!


50 bucks later she was one her way

then she told us she wasnt gay

So we went to play a couple holes

Started doubting that money was for gas and tolls


Then we went to check her car

two different liscense plates - how bizzare

we walked around in search of her

found out nothing except we were...


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