Hyjinx is a Funk/Pop Rock group from Glen Cove, New York that was formed in May of 2001. They were part of The Rock Lobster scene in Glen Head, New York with bands like Fioffus, Plimpton 32, Brookside, The Free Refills, and Attempt at Perfection. The band changed has since changed its name to Stealing Jane.


The band was started in 2001 in Glen Cove, New York and went through a slew of members and music styles before settling on one that they could all agree on. The band had 12,000 free sampler CD's in circulation, and won the December 2004 at the Goodtimes Magazine Long Island Music Festival. The four founding members of the band are Bryce Larsen, Matt Giordano, Brian Bunce, and David Calzone, and all music is written as a collaborative effort.


  • Pasquale Iannelli: Saxophone (Drums),
  • Brian Cano: Percussion (Drums),
  • George McRedmond: Bass (Vocals),
  • Brian Bunce: Horns (Trumpet),
  • David Calzone: Horns (Trombone),
  • Bryce Larsen: Lead Vocals (Rhythm Guitar),
  • Matt Giordano: Drums (Also Lead)

Garage Band Profile Official Website

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