I Am The Avalanche is a punk band from Meritt/Brooklyn, New York. The band features members of The Movielife, Scraps and Heart Attacks, and Further Seems Forever.

Band members: Kellen Robson(Bass), Brett Romnes(A.K.A The Ratt, Drums), Brandon Swanson(Guitar), Mike Ireland(Guitar), and Vinnie Caruana(Vocals).

Caruana formed IATA after the breakup of The Movielife, and after playing guitar for a short time in Head Automatica.

In 2004, a 4 song demo was released that had rough recordings of "Emergency," "I Took A Beating(acoustic),"New Disaster," and Symphony. Later, they released a split ep with The Early November.

In September of 2005, The Self-Titled Debut was released under Drive-Thru records and quickly got great reviews.

IATA is currently in the process of recording their upcoming album.

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