Ian Smith is a muscian from Kings Park, who has played drums for Janeless , guitar and bass for The Microwave Orphans , and has filled in on bass for Freaks From The Apocalypse. after the breakup of The Microwave Orphans he went on to start The Peoples making beats for such acts as Conceptual Elements and former CE member Sargon , he has also recorded songs alone as well as collaborating with others.


Even Here We Are - Paul Westerberg cover

Everyone is Insane - Dandy Warhols cover



Tech House Mix 6-12-11

Maschine Track

Electronic Boredom

Perfect - with Terry Strecker

Worlds Apart


Spring Cleaning - Bright Eyes cover



Lights Go Off - Sargon/Peoples

Odd Violence - Sargon/Peoples

Illusional People - Sargon/Peoples

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