In Their Agony, or formerly Instilling the Affliction (a Metalcore band) is a Deathcore band that was started in September of 2006.


Jon Mackey and Keith Blechner began writing songs after their first band, The Farewell Field, with Mike Crawbuck on drums, dissolved. The began producing a heavier sound, and started the band Instilling the Affliction. The duo added Andrew Shiger on drums. The band played their first show on February 18th 2007 at Mike Crawbuck's basement show with Eleven To Your Seven, The Farewell Effect, and Kirk Fogg's African Adventure. After this, Instilling the Affliction recorded a three song demo that was only shown to close friends and the band. In June of 2007, vocalist Michael Lawrence was recruited, and the band adopted a Deathcore sound, with lower tuned guitars, blast beats, more breakdowns, etc. The band premiered this lineup on July 22nd, 2007 at The Vintage Lounge. As the summer ended, guitarist Joey Camarda was added to the lineup, enhancing the band's sound and making it even heavier. Instilling the Affliction premiered Joey on November 25th at Traxx with Long Island based Post Hardcore band, Bela Kiss. The crowd's response was so great that the band's set was cut short. After the show, the band's name was changed to In Their Agony so that the initials stayed the same. The band had settled into this line up in April 2008 when Joey was asked to leave. In July 2008,Andrew Shiger parted ways with In Their Agony. Frankie Caccioppoli, a friend of Keith and Jon, took up the role of drummer. Along with a new drummer, a 2nd guitarist was found in Constantine Chutis, formerly of Bela Kiss and The Huntress. In Their Agony premiered this line-up on August 5th at Traxx with Metalcore band Ligeia, and have been working as such ever since.


Former MembersEdit




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