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Original Album Cover

Insanium, released 8 August 2011, is the self titled debut album by the Long island Metal band Insanium.  It was self recorded by the band with studio equipment in drummer Thomas Diognardi's basement.  The album is currently available for free download on the band Bandcamp account.

Track Listing  Edit

All music written by Thomas Diognardi.

No.   Title                                              Length                                              Lyrics

  1. Rebirth                                                0:58                                             (Instrumental)
  2. New World                                           3:05                                            Jon Conway, Thomas Diognardi
  3. Pirate Song                                         5:46                                             Conway, Diognardi
  4. God of the Sea                                    9:42                                             Conway, Diognardi
  5. Enigma                                               4:51                                             Diognardi
  6. The Corner of My Eye                          5:22                                             (Instrumental)
  7. Rest In Peace                                     8:22                                             Diognardi
  8. Vector                                                4:49                                             Conway
  9. Divide and Conquer                             4:21                                             Diognardi, Dan Freeda, Conway
  10. Insane Jimmy                                     5:02                                             Freeda


  • "Enigma" was actually the name of the band for a brief period of time.  After coming up with the name Insanium, they decided to make it a song title since they liked the word.
  • "Pirate Song" was the name of the demo that Thomas recorded for the song.  It had a pirate-y, maritime feel to it, but he named it that for temporary purposes.  However, after writing the lyrics, they realized the name could work as the actual song title and decided to keep it.
  • The main theme in "Rest In Peace" was one of the first musical ideas that Thomas ever wrote.
  • The song title "Insane Jimmy" refers to the mascot on the albums cover.  


Aaron Harris- Vocals

Jon Conway- Lead Guitar, Artwork

Ed Fusco- Guitar

Dan Freeda- Bass Guitar

Thomas Diognardi- Drums, Backing Vocals, Production, Engineering, Mastering

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