Jack Rabbit Slims was formed in september of 2006 by friends Tony Merlino (bass,vox) and Andrew Misuraca (guitar), after a few failed attempts at previous bands. They recruited high school friend James Restaino (drums). They played under the name Fallin' With Style for 2 years until february 2009 when they recruited long time friend Derek Bouchard (guitar) and changed their name to Jack Rabbit Slims.

In 2007 they released a upfront Punk rock EP entitled "songs we wrote in detention." which had the song "i hate your girlfriend", a constant request at a JRS show and got frequent play on indie radio. 75 copies of the EP were made and sold. In early 2008 they showed off their Ska-punk influence and released "Punk Band at a Ska Show" Due to budget, the EP was only released over the internet via emails and myspace. mid to late 2008 brought the boys siting and contemplating their sound and experimented in all kinds of punk, hardcore, metal and rock. they have finnaly found what they have been looking for and have released many songs on world wide punk compilations and are recording their "Politically un-erect" demo that will be out over the summer of 2009. after the release of their demo they will imidiatley go and record their first full length, the title is not yet decided.

They play non stop shows and bring in a crowd everytime. People are always being entertained with the boys open stage open mic policy, where anyone can jump up and dance and grab the mic and sing. they will play anything you yell out for them to play.

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