Jay Marotta is a musician from East Meadow, Long Island, New York.


Jay Marotta's first noticeable band was the East Meadow based Pop Punk band, Aerosol which featured Matt Villani (of Stereo Skyline, a shitty homo band, and now Set in Color, an equally shitty homo band). The band dissolved due to Villani's acceptance into the Pop Punk band, Valet Parking. After Villani's short spell in Valet Parking was over, he contacted Jay to start a new band, Stereo Skyline. Matt acted as the band's lead singer and played guitar, Jay played guitar, Anthony Purpura was recruited as bassist, Eddie Dizura played guitar, Dane Malonavich played drums. However, the lineup didn't last and Dane Malonavich was kicked out of the band, to be temporarily replaced by Chris Capuano of Valet Parking. Soon after, Eddie Dizura was also kicked out of the band and was replaced by Kevin Bard( MAJOR ASSHOLE). Anthony Purpura moved to drums, and Tom Angenbroich was recruited to play bass.

Under this lineup, the band recorded and released their first EP with producer, Nick Zinnanti entitled "Worst Case Scenario" in 2006. Shortly after this, Kevin Bard stopped playing guitar, took over lead vocals, Anthony Purpura was moved to synth and Rob Michelson was added on drums. The band played the 2007 Bamboozle Festival in New Jersey, and following this the band sought new management. Under the new management, Tom Angenbroich and Anthony Purpura were dropped from the band. Jay Marotta was moved to bass, and Kevin Bard played guitar once more in addition to being the lead singer. Under this lineup, the band recorded a seven song demo in 2007 and 2008 in Matt Villani's home studio and toured the country extensively with multiple bands.

In 2008, the band entered StadiumRed with prodcuer Claude Znadow and recorded their four song Stereo Skyline EP. The band again toured the country extensively in support of this record, in the fall of 2008, Matt Villani, the founder of the band was kicked out to be replaced by Brian Maddox of Texas' own Scenes and Sirens. Finally, in November, Jay Marotta was kicked out of the band.

He then became a guitar tech and temporary fill-in for [[Pop Rock]/Power Pop group, This Condition, as well as the guitarist for the Pop Punk band, Score 24.

Currently, he is attending college, taking a break from the music scene for now.



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