John Caruso started playing alongside Kenny Gallart of current Power-pop Band Under Spinning Lights and Tim Shortell of former Break Your Silence and Blind Culture in 2006 in Drowning in Dreams. After the band split up in 2007 John took over lead vocals for The Getaway Drive out of Levittown New York. After a year of playing shows and recording an EP, the band split up leaving John with friends, Dan O'Brien, Randy Gliebe, Pat Lehosky and Kevin Kusky in Punk/Rap band Astro Junk. Astro Junk played with such bands as Blameshift, Mustard Plug and More. Astro Junk split up in early 2009.

John is now in a Pop Punk band called "The Endless Assembly" with Dan O'Brien, Tim Shortell and Nick Kolokathis.

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