John Leibold was the drummer for the band Gabriel the Marine. After he left the band, he was proceeded by local drummer Tommy Davis.


John Leibold began his career in the Melodic Hardcore band, The Farewell Effect. After two years, two demos, and many great shows and memories, the band disbanded due to lineup inconsistencies and a loss of interest, and reformed under the name Gabriel the Marine.

In September of 2008, John Leibold left Gabriel the Marine following the departure of guitarist, Craig Kleila. John reasoned that he and Craig were planning on eventually leaving the band for college at the end of the year anyway, and now that Craig had left the band, he saw it as his opportunity to move on. He was replaced by drummer, Tommy Davis, who was previously in the seminal Indie Rock outfit, Wilbur and Post Hardcore locals, Hope Drive.


  • Locals know him by his nickname, "Leibo".
  • Other people more familiar with him refer to him as "Lonjibold"


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