Why Is That Guy Wearing My Pants? is a song by The Microwave Orphans that appeared on the CD While You Were Out Being sXe...., and the compilation Young Til I Die. It was rerecorded by The Repercussions for their EP Don't Fear. This was the first song Dave Harrison wrote for the band.


Someone like you only comes along

every once in a while

but people like you always seem to be

walkin out of my life

Just this once

i'd like someone to stay

just this once

i'd like someone to say

"hey i wanna be your girl, will you be my guy"

but all the girls in the world must hate me

or they're all just shy

There was a time when you were really

into me

or atleast you lead me to believe

i was close enough to the boy of your dreams

just this once

i'd like to find someone

who won't lead me on

make me think that i'm the one

using me to build them up

so they can tear me down

just this once i'd like you

to maybe stay for a while

just this once in my goddamn life

i'd like to be the one who makes you smile

just this once i'd like things to go my way

just this once i'd like to try to get you to stay

just this once i'd like to be ok

just this once id rather not rue the day

just this once i'd like to win in the end

just this once i'd rather not just be your friend

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