Last Days of August was a Long Island based Emotive Hardcore band that lasted from 1997 to 2000. The band was part of the pre-millenium wave that occured with Glassjaw and The Movielife.


Last Days of August was started when Josh Chaplinsky left Irony of Lightfoot and met Phil Capone. Capone was friends with Inside and Glassjaw and wanted to play in a band as well. Corey Martin, a drummer that was formerly in Irony of Lightfoot was brought in by Chaplinsky and Mario Leston, a bassist was also brought in. Sal Montemaggiore joined as a singer.

In the summer of 1998, Joe Corbo replaced Corey Martin on drums. Following this, the band began touring up and down the east coast and then went west to California. They were later featured in the Long Island Voice (a now defunct weekly paper) and placed fifth in the 1998 Guitar Center sponsored Battle of the Bands in New York City and New Jersey.

The band split up in 2000, unable to agree on success and what it's definition was. Chaplinsky and Capone also disagreed on what direction to go in- Capone wanted to play poppy melodic punk rock and Chaplinsky favored melodramatic music ala Radiohead.

Capone now lives in Los Angeles and plays in a sleaze band. Chaplinsky plays in SpeedSpeedSpeed. Sal Montemaggiore would form RC Driver and be considered at Hollywood and Elektra Records. Joe Corbo played in This Year's Model with Neil Rubenstein (Irony of Lightfoot, Sons of Abraham).



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