Letter to the Exiles is a Metalcore band from Long Island, NY that was formed in 2006 that includes members of Alove for Enemies. They are signed to Strike First Records.


Fast, heavy, and memorable. Those are three words that can describe the latest effort from Long Island metal band Letter To The Exiles; with a large focus on the latter. Their debut full-length entitled “The Shadow Line”, released on Strike First Records in April 2010, combines a world of fast, blazing metal riffs, tight, pounding double-bass, and pulverizing breakdowns to create a memorable sound all their own.
Forming in 2006, the members of LTTE have been patiently crafting their sound and vision as a band. Armed with an uncompromising faith and message of hope, Letter To The Exiles continues to spread their message and brand of metal all over the northeast and beyond. While the band’s mission is to share a hope in Jesus Christ, they will not force-feed it on anybody, but will explain lovingly what it is they believe in a non-alienating way.
After the release of their well received EP, “A Call To Arms” on Harvest Earth Records in 2008, LTTE has formed and enjoyed an ever growing fan base in and out of the NYC Metro area. Through touring and playing shows down the east coast their name is spreading rapidly thanks to the band's tight live performance and memorable song writing.
Veteran Erich Barto’s (ex-Alove For Enemies) powerful, aggressive vocals, and truthful lyrics continue to provide the band with that memorable sound. Dealing with topics such as pain, struggle, remorse, and hope seen through the eyes of a Christian, Barto’s lyrics and his powerful voice and presence will speak to Christians and non-Christians alike. “I think our message is that this world may beat you down, almost to where you have nothing left," says Barto, "but the one thing nobody can take from you is God’s love."
Having wrapped production in the studio with producer Robert “Void” Caprio (Megadeath, The Fray, Eve 6, Public Enemy) the band is set to hit the road in 2010 in support of their highly-anticipated follow up to 2008’s “A Call To Arms”. Letter To The Exiles “The Shadow Line” is a record every member is extremely proud of, one that showcases mature musicianship, song writing, technicality, and is not a record you will soon forget. ]

"Ready your shield, and prepare your hearts...for War"


  • Ricky (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Andy (Drums)
  • Mark (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Erich (Vocals)
  • James (Bass)

Former MembersEdit

  • Nathan (Guitar)
  • Buddy (Vocals)
  • Vin (Touring Bass)


  • The Shadow Line (2010, Strike First Records)
  • A Call to Arms (2008, Harvest Earth Records)
  • "Fighting From the Ground Up Vol. 1" (Compilation, Indie Vision Music)

External LinksEdit

Official Myspace

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