Lights Resolve is a three piece Alternative Rock band from Long Island, New York. The band was formerly known as Last Week before the band dissolved into new projects. Lights Resolve has toured, as an unsigned band, with bands like The Used, Panic! At the Disco, Shiny Toy Guns, Dashboard Confessional, Phantom Planet, and Straylight Run.


After the popular Pop Rock band, Last Week split up, they formed into different bands; one of them being Lion of Ido, the other being Lights Resolve. The band has since toured with multi-platinum recording artists, have been included in the New York Post, placed "Another Five Days" on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island, been the focal point of an extended MTV2 campaign having placed their own dedicated "On Demand" special on NYC's Time Warner on Demand, have played TV performances on national and international syndicated networks have have sold nearly 10,000 copies of their two self-released EP's: Prelude and Currency.

The band is currently writing new material, and developing their live show on the road.



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