Long Island Music Scene Radio (LIMS Radio) is a new local radio station that plays local bands and supports local music via the internet.


Mark Masterson

Alex Melnyczuk

Sebastian Paba

The StartEdit

In February 2010, Mark and Alex had the craziest idea of starting an online radio station as they have in previous projects. It was agreed from the start that the station would be dedicated to the Long Island Music Scene and only that! Needing a third hand they had then recruited Sebastian the next day to help them out with such an adventure. As Alex and Sebastian went to the bands Mark set up technical side. In under 4 Days the radio had been up and running at full capacity. When LIMS hit the public in less then a day, the radio had gained support from over 600 people. Who knows what the future holds!

Talk/Radio ShowsEdit

The Scene Life


Andrew and The D-Man Take On The World

Live SetsEdit

Not even two weeks old, LIMS Radio started booking live acoustic sets! Starting off with Valet Parking, LIMS-Radio did not stop. Booking bands such as All The More, Touchdown Boy, Catch The Sunrise, Memories In Play and For Thoes Who Know for future sets, LIMS-Radio had a packed next couple of months!


Valet Parking

Memories In Play

City In The Sky

Eli Whitney And The Sound Machine

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