Lose, Rebuild, Restart, & Mend (Acoustic) is an acoustic EP self recorded and released by Long Island Alternate Rock band, Nothing To Lose, in 2012.

The EP contained five new songs, four that will be included on the band's full length album. Two tracks ("Bedtime Story Lines" and "If I Were You") from 'This Is Who We Were' were re-recorded for the acoustic EP. (Side note: "One Reason For Every Day" is a song that was written by Anthony Wall prior to forming Nothing To Lose.

The EP was released on April 5th on and for free to download.

Track ListingEditEdit

  1. "Falling Skies"
  2. "Secrets (Tapped Out)"
  3. "Second Chances"
  4. "Lessons In Grave Robbing"
  5. "Bedtime Story Lines"
  6. "If I Were You"
  7. "One Reason For Every Day"

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