Matthew Floriois a musician from New Hyde Park. He is currently the guitarist and co-vocalist in Call The Station.

Florio played guitar in After You Leave and shortly after The Fluff.

In the Winter of 2006 he regrouped with members of the Fluff and After You Leave to form Vital. Later that year he started Garden.Set.Fire.

In 2004, Florio started After You Leave with Doug Vera and Frankie Tong. They later broke up After You Leave to form The Fluff with Frankie's cousin Elisa.

After The Fluff, Florio played solo until reuniting with his former The Fluff band members to form Vital. Although comprised of members from The Fluff, Vital played mainly After You Leave songs and used the name Vital to separate from the original After You Leave lineup.

In late 2006, Florio met Jennifer Halstrom and formed Garden.Set.Fire along with Jeanmarie Scopa and Kevin Ozmon. After a few lineup changes Garden.Set.Fire continued with mainly Halstrom and Florio on and off until 2011.

It was during the Spring of 2011 that he was asked to audition for Nothing To Lose (now known as Call The Station).                                                                                                                                                                                                 A few weeks later Garden.Set.Fire played it's final show at the Vibe Lounge as a part of the annual (and final) Cover Wars (playing as Straylight Run). 

Florio now resides in Levittown, NY.

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