Mike Richter is a former musician and promoter from Manhasset, Long Island, New York.


Mike Richter joined the music scene in 2004 with the band Local Embarrassment, a youthful garage rock band formed by a couple of eight and ninth graders from Manhasset. The group would be a pre-cursor to the Pop Punk band, The Farewell Effect, and thus Gabriel the Marine, the Indie Rock band. He was, for a time, the lead singer and then the guitarist, however it was short lived and was replaced by Craig Kleila on guitar. He wasn't active in the music scene for about a year or so until he joined Hail to the Thief Productions, a booking agency run out of Long Island by James Shields. Mark Herburger, the guitarist for The Farewell Effect and the current bassist of Gabriel the Marine, (not to mention Mike's best friend), also joined the production company as a booker. However, the booking company was short lived, and only managed to book one show at The Landmark Theater on Main Street in Port Washington. The headlining act was Permanent Me and was supported by Big City Lights, Therefore I Am, Van Atta High, The Rivalry, Destiny or Design, and The Farewell Effect. Again, after the booking company ended, Richter disappeared from the music scene for a while until he began hosting annual shows at his father's country home in East Quogue, on Long Island. During the second year of the band festivals in Quogue, Richter released his short lived Melodic Hardcore band, When Morning Breaks. After the set, the band soon dissolved.

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