More Bass! '08! is a comedy trilogy and campaign to educate the isolated, turn the wronged to right, and open a new light for closed eyes and turned shoulders.


More Bass! '08! is a semi-satyrical campaign started primarily by Mark Herburger and Dylan Ebrahimian of local Indie Rock band Gabriel the Marine. It is a source of education for musicians, show-goers, and all music related peoples alike who do not know a lot about the musical instrument "bass guitar", and downcast its importance in bands. The concepts of this "campaign" take root from the idea that bass is an "unnecessary instrument", is extremely "easy", and in some extreme cases, a lack of knowledge of the basic existence of the instrument.

Fyyr: God of RockEdit

The campaign has sprung the idea, and filming of a movie trilogy called "Fyyr: God of Rock" to help further educate the bass-less and/or bass fearing masses in ways that the campaign alone simply cannot. This movie will be filmed over the course of a few months starting in October, 2008. Music scene members from all over Long Island will be participating in this great film about the struggle for eqaulity and recognition bassists face everyday.

Note: If you want your band to be featured in this film, then contact Gabriel the Marine at

Bands InvolvedEdit

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