Nifty Breed@The Blue Parrot (l to r: Brian, Matty, Jordan, Alex)

Nifty Breed is a rock/alternative/experimental band from Long Island, NY. The band has been around under its current name since mid-2008 and currently consists of Matty Marcus (vox.guitar), Alex Ainbinder (guitar), Brian Connors (bass) and Jordan Stargot (drums).

Matty had been trying to keep a band together since as early as 2002. He almost gave up after many line up and band name changes. Up until 2007, Matty had only played in three piece bands. It was at this time that Matty had met Alex, who was a year older. Matty had a band called Undergrown (with Jordan and a mutual friend on bass) which Alex had interest in joining. After a successful audition, Alex joined what was then Undergrown. Following a few months with this line up, Jordan and the bassist quit the night before a show, leaving Matty and Alex stuck. They managed to find a new drummer for the show, but played without a bassist. In the audience was Alex's friend Brian, who Matty wanted to play bass for them. He joined right away.

After Alex quitting, losing the new drummer, Alex rejoining, gaining another new drummer, and losing THAT new drummer, Matty suggested asking Jordan to join up again. After a much needed conversation, Jordan agreed to join the band that was now known as Nifty Breed. This line up debuted in June 2009 and hasn't looked back since.

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