No Rights Reserved is a political punk/ska/folk rock band from Long Island, NY.


No Rights Reserved formed in 2003 from a group of good friends who shared a lunch table in the middle school cafeteria. At that time the band consisted of Aaron Seener on bass/vocals, Mike Altman on keyboards, Jesse Sperling on guitar, Bryan Stoll on guitar and Scott MacHold on drums. After only coming to 2 practices in about a year, the band decided to drop Scott and move Mike to drums. The band had its first show in October of 2004, which was followed by a parting of ways with Bryan due to personal reasons. They played together as a three-piece for only a couple of months, before Aaron and Mike asked their long time friend Michael "Mikey" Gurr to play alto saxophone for them. In May of 2005 Guglielmo "Gugli" (pronounced goo-lee) Remondi, joined the band on guitar after asking Jesse and Mike. The three of them completed a music project for a class in which they filmed an "audition tape" for Gugli which was intended to be shown to Aaron. Aaron agreed to bring Gugli in before seeing the tape and to this day has never seen it. This solidified the lineup and remains the same 5 people today.

Once the lineup was finalized, the band began playing shows constantly, playing everything from local clubs and bars to their high school's fundraisers for Darfur and Hurricane Katrina victims. During this time, they began to incorporate many different influences into their music including ska, hardcore and folk rock. On December 16, 2005 the band released a three song EP known as Sampler which consisted of low quality recordings done in Aaron's basement. Many were given out, others sold for a dollar.

By late 2006, the band had begun playing some shows with more well known bands (including Big D and the Kids Table, Whole Wheat Bread, The Briggs, Time Again, Against All Authority, The Pietasters and more) at clubs such as the Crazy Donkey and the Vibe Lounge. 2007 showed the bands second release, a full length called The Left Side of the Table. It was also recorded in Aaron's basement but took about 8 months to complete. The album consisted of 14 songs from the entire span of the bands venture together to that point.

In August 2008, Aaron, Mike, Jesse and Gugli all began college, however the band still writes, records and plays together during the breaks. In June 2009 the band embarked on a mini-tour of the northeast and continued playing locally throughout the summer.


Sampler (2005)

The Left Side of the Table (2007)



Aaron Seener - bass, vocals, guitar (2003-present)

Mike Altman - drums, keyboard, vocals, trumpet (2003-present)

Jesse Sperling - trombone, guitar, pocket trumpet (2003-present)

Mikey Gurr - alto saxophone, melodica (2005-present)

Guglielmo Remondi - guitar, vocals (2005-present)


Scott MacHold - drums (2003-2004)

Bryan Stoll - guitar (2003-2004)

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