The Noche Blue was a bar in Levittown that used to run shows. It closed in 2007, was reopened, and renamed.


Noche Blue was one of the many venues that used to be on Hempstead Turnpike in Long Island's own Levittown along with Metasin, and The Vintage Longe. It was a bar with that despite its very small size, even smaller stage and sub-par sound system, was a center of Long Island Music Scene activity in a time between the golden early 2000's era of Long Island music, and the present state of a lack of venues in the later 2000's (2007-2009). It only held about 75 squished people, but it catered to some bigger touring bands such as A Love Like Pi, as well as many of the Long Island locals of the time like The Farewell Effect, Death Within the Hour, The Exception, Hope Drive and many more.

Booking at Noche Blue was handled by a few different booking companies, such as Heartcore Booking (Tom Angenbroich and Travis Mcgee) which later became Bringing Back Long Island Booking, and then eventually merging with already established and prominent Club Loaded.

After many shows there, Noche Blue unexpectedly closed down, forcing Tom Angenbroich and Travis Mcgee to find a new venue. Unbeknownst to them, they would come across The Vintage Lounge, which would become the literal epicenter of the Nassau County Long Island Music Scene for most of 2007. Tom and Travis would end Heartcore Booking due to controversy caused by the unexpected closing of Noche Blue, resulting in many subsequent losses of shows. When they came back into the scene with Bringing Back Long Island Booking, they would begin to book at the Vintage Lounge.


  • Noche Blue was reopened in 2007 and renamed Faddy Malone's.
  • Since the reopening there have been no shows booked there or plans for any in the future due to Tom and Travis' employment by Club Loaded, giving them different more advantageous venues at their disposal.

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