Nondance Records is a Roslyn based record label that centers in on a small collective of Long Island Indie, Punk, and Alternative bands.


Nondance Records was formed by a group of young men in Roslyn. Four bands unite under a single banner to form Nondance, a label that is producing some of the most progressive and distinct music on Long Island. They are in the works of recording and releasing a series of albums which represent a quartet of separate bands, but also rely on input from the same core contributors.

Doug Bleek, one of the men at this core is currently in three of these projects. He plays drums for Nancy Reagan's Enduring Love, a three-piece post punk/indie group. He plays guitar and bass in The Electric Sentiments another underground project. His main project, Alternative up and comers, Ether Switch is a two piece that strays into the dark and experimental. His older brother, David, rounds out Nondance with his industrial punk band, The Cadavers.



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