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OLGA WILK is a band from Long Island, New York that formed in August of 2004, sharing the stage with many national acts such as Into The Moat, Memphis May Fire, Fear Before, The Irish Front, Reflux, Embrace Today, A Life Once Lost, and Fight Paris to name a few. OW! has played many Long Island and NYC venues such as Molly Blooms, The Downtown, Village Pub South, The Underground, Fin's Pub, Centereach VFW, and so on. They are a raw and gritty mesh between Hardcore and good old Rock and Roll. From mind blowing drum fills and change ups, face melting guitar riffs, to powerful vocals, OW! brings you intense and groovy music to drink a beer or 10 and loose control to. OW! currently consists of Aaron Gennett on guitars, Kyle Walker on drums, and Dave Gallagher on vocals. They will be announcing they're new bassist at the end of February, 2011.

In the meantime, After releasing a self titled EP in 2005 under their former name Farewell Tragedy and an unreleased EP in 2007, OW! is finally recording their Debut Full Length Record that is as of right now untitled, consisting of 12 tracks. The record release date will be announced on their Facebook and Myspace pages March 1, 2011.Edit

Band Members:

Aaron Gennett - Guitars(Co-Founder. Farewell Tragedy Aug 2004-OLGA WILK present)

Kyle Walker - Drums(Co-Founder. Farewell Tragedy Aug 2004-OLGA WILK present)

Dave Gallagher - Vocals(Farewell Tragedy Jan 2005-OLGA WILK present)

Former Band Members:

Myles Walker - Guitar(Farewell Tragedy Aug 2004-2006)

Victor Barter - Vocals(Farewell Tragedy Aug-Dec 2004)

James Silva - Bass(Farewell Tragedy Aug-July 2004)

Pat Hartner - Bass(Farewell Tragedy July 2004-Feb 2006)

Rob Caniglia - Guitar(Farewell Tragedy March 2006-Oct 2006)

Mike Friedell - Bass(Farewell Tragedy Nov 2006-OLGA WILK Oct 2009)


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