Oh, Savanna was an alternative influenced Pop Rock band from Oyster Bay, that lasted from 2006 until 2008. The band was formed out of remnants of For Your Safety and The Exception.


Oh, Savanna was started in mid-November, 2006, by Ben Silverberg (guitar), Lee Kriendel (bass), Jordan Schatz (drums, vocals), and Ryan Mielke (vocals, guitar). In their nine month tenure, the four wrote seven songs and played shows with bands such as Envy on the Coast, Permanent Me, Monty Are I, Powerspace, Sherwood, and many more before their breakup in mid-August. While Ben and Lee went away to college, Jordan was without a band and Ryan joined The Vision as a bassist and vocalist for four months. In late January, Jordan and Ryan decided to re-record songs, find new members and start again for a year. They went months trying out members however, couldn't find people interested enough to stay in the project. In April, 2008, Ryan and Jordan played an acoustic show at Oyster Bay High School which was the last Oh, Savanna show. Ryan is now in college and Jordan is a senior at Syosset High School.


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