On The Might Of Princes is an American band which was active during the late 1990s and early 2000s.


On The Might Of Princes began on Long Island in 1998, creating their own dynamic sound, fusing melody and technicality, intertwined with dramatic guitar progressions, fast leads and a tight rhythm section. While the band were by no means the originators of the "screamo" sound, their music would eventually get lumped into the category which would eventually become a prevelant style in years to come with mainstream acts that used to regularly open shows for the band. The move from local DIY record labels (Eiffel Trousers /Rok Lock /Creep /Traffic Violation Records ) to the larger independent Revelation Records was criticized by some of their fans. On The Might Of Princes developed a loyal cult following through consistent touring. On The Might Of Princes disbanded in May 2004 after their first European tour. The band began a short reunion at the end of 2006, culminating expanded re-releases of their first 2 albums, and three final shows in May 2007. In August 2008 they temporarily reunited once again for a few shows.

Band members

Jason Rosenthal - Guitar, Vocals, Melodica

Lou Fontana - Guitar, Vocals

Tom Orza - Bass, Vocals

Chris Enriquez - Drums, Percussion, Piano

Former Member

Nicole Keiper - Drums on The Making of a Conversation & demo cassette

Post OTMOP projects

Jason plays in The Brass and has a project called Vehicles with members of UK bands Blakfish and Shapes . Chris, Tommy and Lou formed Gracer , who were signed to Revelation Records Tommy and Lou left and were replaced by former members of fellow LI acts The Backup Plan , Satellite Lost , and finally Lux Corageous . Chris left the band in July 2006, one month after the release of Gracer's first full length Voices Travel . Since leaving Gracer, Chris has filled in on drums for Criteria on tour. More recently, Tommy Orza (bass) and Chris Enriquez (drums) played in Villa Vina . Chris now plays in Ludlow Lions, Which also features Oscar Rodriquez , formerly of Nakatomi Plaza and De La Hoya . Lou Fontana has a solo project called God's Gift to Women and also played in the now defunct, Small Arms Dealer , who were signed to Deep Elm Records . He also occasionally plays bass in With Every Idle Hour .

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