Perfect Endings was a Pop Punk band based in Bellmore, Long Island.


Perfect Endings started out in the fall of 2002 as a four piece with Sal Sparracio, Nick Sparracio, Justin Morell, and Adam. Justin Morell was the lead singer and bassist for the band, but then recruited Adam Tepfer (formerly the merch guy) to play bass so that he could concentrate on singing. Perfect Endings was now a five piece and was sent to Portrait Studios in Lincoln Park, New Jersey in August 2004. There they worked with producer, Chris Badami (The Early November, The Starting Line, Hidden in Plain View, Roses are Red, Socratic, I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business, Midtown, Fenix TX, etc). They recorded four songs for their If These Walls Could Talk EP.

After releasing their songs on purevolume and myspace, the band received excellent feedback from all over the country and Europe. They were soon sponsored by RISE, a clothing company and met with Richard from Drive-Thru Records. they were put on the AbsolutePunk.Net New York show in November 2004 as well as the Drive Thru Records Sounds of Change New York Show at The Downtown. They played with bands like An Angle, Socratic, Steel Train, Guilt like Gravity, The Junior Varsity, Stars Hide Fire, The Sleeping, The Chemistry, Houston Calls, The Escape Engine, Doozer, Little Yellow Box, The Modern Saint and Hellogoodbye.

Nick Sparracio had left the band, and Mike Magnetico joined on drums.

The summer of 2005, they broke up, after a long greuling tour where their van broke down.

Justin joined Permanent Me



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  • They were featured on the famous underground website, THIS.IS.NOT.EMO

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Wearing White to a Funeral Live at Temple Beth'Am

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