Pete Sekesan is a Long Island musician from Hicksville, who has been in a number of underground bands with members of Life Between Sleep, Envy on the Coast,

Next Town OverEdit

Pete Sekesan started his career in a "garage" band with Robbie Hassett on guitar, but was kicked out by Hassett early in his career in the band.

Change of FateEdit

In the Pop Punk group, Change of Fate (a band that featured Dan Gluszak of Envy on the Coast on drums), Pete was the lead singer, until he was replaced by Robbie Hassett. During this time, Dan Gluszak joined GoQuest, a Hicksville based Pop Punk band. He is featured on the 5 song demo put out by the band.

Modus OperandiEdit

When Pete Sekesan formed Modus Operandi, Pete played bass for the short lived duration of the band, lasting 4 months, but Robbie Hassett stopped the project to join The Prize Fighter.

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