Pirate House Weapon Music is the only album released by the Long Island Indie/Folk-Punk band The Red Season . The album was made available for free on the bands' myspace page.

Track ListingEdit

1. "Orange Warmth Against a Cold Black Night"

2. "August Road"

3. "Satellites" (Originally by Our Twilight Pastime)

4. "Seasons of Olde"

5. "Graves for Mannequins" (Originally by (Nothing) Plural)

6. "A is for Asymmetry"

7. "January"

8. "Track 8 Sucks

9. "Embers"

10. "Our Monument"

11. "Antidote"

12. "Walrus Party"

13. "Another One to Hold"


  • Mike Goldense - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals on tracks 3 and 11

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