Post Hardcore is a Subgenre of the Hardcore Punk Genre that also incorporates characteristics from the Screamo, Experimental Rock, Art Rock, and Math Rock genres.


Post Hardcore started in Washington DC in the late 1980s, almost simaultaneously with Emotive Hardcore. The style evolved when Hardcore Punk bands grew tired of the same formula, and decided to break routine. During this time, Post Hardcore bands began to emerge with experimentations in their works. Fugazi and Quicksand are considered the godfathers of Post Hardcore music, although their music would later encompass Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal, and Indie Rock. They were pioneers, because both bands' members had previously been in Hardcore Punk bands, but began diversifying themselves from the DC Punk scene. The modern wave of Post Hardcore music is best capsulized by New Jersey band, Thursday. In the early to mid 90s, the members of Thursday and Glassjaw watched bands like Mind Over Matter. Taking them as well as other bands of the time as influences, they expanded and altered their sound. When Thursday came out in 1997, their sound influenced an entire generation of musicians and music scenes throughout not only the north east, but throughout the country.


Post Hardcore's musical characteristics include precise bass and drum rhythms, and are largely guitar oriented. The vocals are executed in whispers or screams. The music as a whole was more complex (constantly playing between dissonance and melody), technical, and dynamic then their Hardcore Punk counterparts. The way in which it differs from Emotive Hardcore is that it still maintains the fast tempos, makes subtle the forms of tension and release, and doesn't incorporate Indie styled rock to the extent that emotive hardcore does.


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