Precise Microwave Orphans Order : 17 of The Worst Live Performances is a live cassette compilation by The Microwave Orphans. It was recorded from January 26th 1997 - October 31st 1998 and released on Eiffel Trousers Records. It was given the release number ET027. The artwork was done by Matt Roren, the bands logo was taken from The Modern Lovers , as the name of the release was taken from their live compilation Precise Modern Lovers Order.

Track Listing :

  1. Happy Girl (Massapequa Bowl 5/23/97)
  2. Hornswaggled (Dr. Shays 11/1/97)
  3. Artie (Rocky Point VFW 1/26/97)
  4. Backpack (Dr. Shays 5/18/97)
  5. Amy's On Crack (Dr. Shays 10/19/97)
  6. The Beach Song (Sunken Meadow Beach 7/14/97)
  7. I Wanna Be a Homosexual (Dr. Shays 4/13/97)
  8. Talk Shows and Broken Hearts (Matt's Living Room 7/19/97)
  9. Artie (Gille's Backyard 6/14/97)
  10. Railroad Love (Rock Lobster 4/14/98)
  11. Jenny (Fabulous Jacks 4/5/98)
  12. Imperial March /Busted Amps and Broken Strings (Massapequa Bowl 5/31/98)
  13. Da Crack Haus Jam -Da Funk /Gimme Gimme Gimme /Theme to a Spy Movie That Doesn't Exist /Vegan sXe Warrior (Crack Haus 7/3/98)
  14. Freedom of Choice (Josh's Basement 7/4/98)
  15. Night of the Living Head (Da Funky Fish 7/5/98)
  16. The Time Warp (Mod Center 10/31/98)
  17. Brisket (Huntington Knights of Columbus 5/29/98)

Download it here

All songs written by The Microwave Orphans except "The Beach Song " by The Dead Milkmen , "I Wanna Be a Homosexual " by Screeching Weasel , "Imperial March " by John Williams , "Gimme Gimme Gimme " by Black Flag , "Freedom of Choice " by DEVO and "The Time Warp " by Richard O'Brien

Line up on these recordings : Matt Roren - Vocals (Tracks 1-17), Ian Smith - Guitar (Tracks 1,3,4,6-9,11,12,14-17)/Bass (Tracks 2,5,10,13) Jason Deford - Drums (Tracks 1-17), Andre Bermudez - Bass (Tracks 1,6,8), Matt Dallow - Guitar (Tracks 2,5,6,8-11,13-17)/Keyboards (Track 12), Jay Porta - Bass (Tracks 3,7) George Mcredmond - Bass (Track 4), Mark Ciani - Keyboards (Track 8), Ian Atchinson - Bass (Track 9), Paul Como - Bass (Tracks 11,12,14-17)

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