Prescott C. was a Long Island based alternative band.The drummer, Steven DeJoseph, commonly known as "Stevie D." was previously in other Long Island bands. He drummed for the band Pretty Polly , which put out 1997's album, "Because You Were Lonely ", and 1998's "Getting Over It ". He and Thomas Crooke were in a band Bricks for Shoulders together, however the most famous band that occurred during this time was Taking Back Sunday . When Prescott C. was taking a break, Stevie D. was recruited by Eddie Reyes and John Nolan to drum for their new project, and Stevie accepted. He drummed for two tracks of their first EP before leaving to re-recruit Prescott C. He was replaced in Taking Back Sunday by Mark O'Connell .

After leaving Taking Back Sunday, Prescott C. released a 5-song EP, entitled "Low Flying Planes " in 2001. In 2002, they released another five-track EP, entitled "Tabloid Fever ". Their final work was "Everything Backwards and Upside Down " which was recorded and co-produced by Brian Lane , the drummer of the Long Island band, Brand New .


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