Pretty Polly was a 3-piece Alternative Rock band consisting of Rob Galluzzo (Guitars/Vocals) and Steven DeJoseph (Vocals/Screams). They would play with an alternating bass player. The band was formed in 1994 by the duo who released a number of demo tapes before releasing the "Getting Over It EP" in late 1998. After a short hiatus, the band reformed in 2002 with bassist John Walsh and released a full length album, "Somewhere Between Then & Now", followed by three EPs: "That Was Then & This Is Now", "Live EP", and the critically acclaimed "Now or Never". The band was going to release a second full length album, "Farewell to the Promised Ones", which never came out. The band played shows in the north east with such artists as Far, Two Man Advantage, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Vaeda, The Start, SEER, A Day For Honey, The Confidentials, The Pistol Whips, Day In The Life, Scarab, Dogma, Bellvue, Reach, Dragpipe, The Reunion Show, and many others.



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