Prop Comedy is an album by folk punk singer-songwriter Mike Vizzi.

Vizzi had been writing songs for years but was too lazy to record them properly. This album was recorded in one sitting in his basement one sweaty August night. Most of these songs were pretty new when recorded, but a few are kind of old.

It is available for free download here:

Track ListingEdit

  1. Fold
  2. Bucket
  3. Screaming Hearts and Sinking Ships
  4. Wise Man
  5. Parking Lot
  6. Speeding in Traffic
  7. Happy Independents Day!
  8. Don't Tell Me
  9. Ridgewood
  10. I Don't Mind The Rain
  11. Deep Breaths

All lyrics and music by Mike Vizzi, except the lead part in Screaming Hearts (Samson Flancbaum), and the second verse of Ridgewood (Craig Shay).

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