Psychedelic Deja Vu
Years Active
Current Members:
Matt Cruz
Rich Moses
Mike Lloyd
Bob Stoll
Dan Wallach
Former Members
Pat Sarris
Jason Della Vecchia
Sam Pidgeon
Associated Acts
Matt Cruz
Narcotic Tundra
Panoramic Friday
Rolling Stolls

Biography Edit

Psychedelic Deja Vu is an alternative rock band from Levittown, NY. Formed in the summer of 2006 by Matt Cruz, Rich Moses, Pat Sarris, Bob Stoll, Mike Lloyd, and Dan Wallach, The band was formed from the remains of Panoramic Friday and Rolling Stolls. Originally, the band had a sound similar to Jefferson Airplane and other classic psychedelic rock bands, but in recent months, the band has developed into more of an alternative rock band, straying from its roots in psychedelia. The band is currently working on its first album, and is booking shows for the near future.

Members Edit

Matt Cruz - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

Rich Moses - Bass guitar, Vocals

Michael Lloyd - Lead guitar

Robert Stoll - Rhythym guitar, keyboard

Dan Wallach - Drums /Percussion

External Links: Edit

Official Myspace

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