Railroad Love is a song by The Microwave Orphans that appeared on the demo Andre, and the split EP with 48 in The Basement - Young and Abrasive. A live version recorded at The Rock Lobster in Glenhead also appeared on Precise Microwave Orphans Order - 17 Of The Worst Live Perfomances . altough this song was recorded twice and played at most shows from 1997-2000 the lyrics of this song were really never finished.


A man and a woman meet on a train

they hit it off right away

she was kinda drunk and kinda high

thought she found the perfect guy

she's tells him her life story

he made is move in all his glory

her kisses her and she asks "why?"

he says "why not let's give it another try"

whoaaaa railroad love

ohhhhh railroad love

Well she passed the first test of his

but there was more than just one kiss

he asks if he can walk her home

or he would be all alone

she says "why not if you want to

we'll walk home and smoke a doob"

"what's your age" "27" she said "i'm older by about 11 years"

whoaaaa railroad love

ohhhhh railroad love

Her stop is the next on the route

she asks "do you still wanna hang out?"

he says "well i don't care"

and you could see it wasn't there

whoaaaa railroad love

ohhhhh railroad love

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