Reasons to Leave is the second full-length album by Eli Whitney & The Sound Machine, released on August 1, 2014. It was produced by Jon Graber. The album is available for stream and download here. The album features guest vocals from members of Sketchy, Chumped, Cutters, and Freya Wilcox.

Track ListingEdit

All music by Eli Whitney & The Sound Machine. Lyrics as noted.

  1. Italian Alzheimer's (Vizzi)
  2. What Gives You The Right? (Shay)
  3. Melancholy. Radiant. (Shay)
  4. Gutterball (Vizzi)
  5. Out Loud (Shay)
  6. Shred Leo (Shay)
  7. Walls (Vizzi)
  8. The Zebra Shirt of Depressive Twenty-Nothings (Vizzi)
  9. Acrylic Record (Shay)
  10. Collapse (Vizzi)
  11. Nothing for Myself (Shay)
  12. Scream When You Burn (Vizzi)
  13. I am a Resource (Shay)

Eli Whitney & The Sound Machine:

  • Mike Vizzi - Vocals, Guitar
  • Craig Shay - Vocals, Bass
  • CJ Dunaieff - Drums
  • Samson Flancbaum - Trombone
  • Frank Ferro - Tenor Sax, Alto Sax

Guest Vocals: Jon Graber, Anika Pyle, Christopher Schultz, Guglielmo Remondi, Freya Wilcox, Pierce lightning

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