Robbie Hassett is a Long Island musician; a guitarist and vocalist, who has been an active member in the scene since 2001. He is currently the guitarist and vocalist of the band, To Sail Beyond the Sun


GoQuest was a pop punk band that lasted for a year and played venues around the island such as the Bethpage Teen Center, The Sahara, The Rocklobster, Mr. Beery's, and many more old local venues. GoQuest recorded their 7 song EP at Runaway Records with CJ. It was demo quality and recorded live. After a few months, however, Lou Vecchio left the band. Pete Sekesan and Pete Kefales, the old members of Next Town Over, started a band with co-founding members Dan Gluszak and Matt Scimonelli called Change of Fate. Eventually, Change of Fate kicked out Pete Sekesan who was on lead vocals, and recruited Robbie Hassett on lead vocals. With Dan and Robbie in two bands together. With Dan as the new drummer to GoQuest, they entered the the studio at Runaway Records to record 4 songs, 3 were rerecorded from the original demo, and 1 new song. They like most bands at the time, had a moonfruit website. Robbie and Dan later decided to choose one and stuck with Change of Fate.

Change of FateEdit

Change of Fate started out as Dan Gluszak (drums) Matt Scimonelli (guitar), Pete Kefales (Bass), and Pete Sekesan (vocals). They released one EP as this line up before kicking Pete Sekesan out and replacing him with Robbie Hassett. As this new line up, Change of Fate put out a two song demo including the tracks: 1)Within a Dream 2)Guardian Angel. They played some shows around long island with bands like Jaded Ways, Highschool Football Heroes, and many more.

Guilt like GravityEdit

Hassett joined The Prize Fighter which would soon become Guilt like Gravity. The Prize Fighter was already associated with a record label called Four Leaf Records, although nothing under the name Guilt Like Gravtiy was released by said label. In the summer of 2004, Guilt Like Gravity did its first and only US tour with PA's Wings of Azrael. They disbanded in January 2005.


Robbie Hassett then joined a New Jersey based screamo band called Emma, which would later be known as Guns like Girls. Hassett left the band in 2005, and moved back home to Long Island. GunslikeGirls split up into many different bands such as Pages, Van Atta High, and Lady Radiator.

Robbie Hassett (Solo Project)Edit

Robbie Hassett came back home to Long Island after GunslikeGirls, and met Nick Zinnanti who he eventually recorded his demo, Soundtrack to a New York City Romance in 2007 with. The reason Robbie and Nick met was because when Nick decided to make his solo project Almost Famous a full band, Robbie tried out as well as Nick's childhood friend Jay Scalchunes, the drummer for then hardcore band Days on End and current drummer of Life Between Sleep. Robbie tried out and allegedly Jay didn't approve of Robbie. After controversy between potential members ensued, as well as Nick also offering a spot in the band to Hicksville local Matt Edell, Nick decided it would be better to remain a solo project. Because of this, Robbie instead recorded his demo with Nick at Nick's bethpage based home studio. Following the recording of Soundtrack to a New York City Romance, he played shows for a year, and during this time his friendship with Nick Zinnanti grew and they became good friends. During his stint of local shows around the Long Island area, Robbie considered a few record deal offers from smaller Indie labels, as well as considered changing the band name from Robbie Hassett to Brother Son, Sister Moon. He released numerous shirt designs and sold self made demos at shows. After both Robbie Hassett (Solo Project) and Almost Famous began to slow down, Robbie and Nick began plans for their next project, Life Between Sleep.

Life Between SleepEdit

Life Between Sleep is an experimental alternative rock band started in 2007 by Robbie Hassett, Nick Zinnanti, Chris Blatchly, and Jay Scalchunes. Since their formation, they have released a four song demo and have played The Taste of Chaos Tour's stint at Nassau Colisseum as well as the NY date of Warped Tour 2008. In the spring of 2009, Robbie announced his departure from the band due to creative differences. 

Gabriel the MarineEdit

In the summer of 2009, Hassett joined local Indie Rock outfit, Gabriel the Marine as a bassist and vocalist. He joined the band for their U.S. Tour in the summer of 2009 with A Love Like Pi, Asteria, and Theatre Breaks Loose as well as their January 2010 tour with John Nolan and Ocean is Theory. He was asked to leave the band in March 2010 due to creative differences. He now plays in a post rock project that he started with the original drummer of Guilt Like Gravity Dave Curcio called To Sail Beyond the Sun.

To Sail Beyond the SunEdit

Hassett recently started a new band, To Sail Beyond the Sun.

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