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"I never thought that messing around with my brothers guitar at the age of seven would lead to all this. The gigging, the singing, the songwriting, and the passion. Now here I am, not even a decade later, as a guitarist, a pianist, a vocalist, and a songwriter. I'm Ryan Cassata, and I'm living my dream." '- Ryan Cassata

Ryan (Otto) Cassata, is a 16 year old, singer-songwriter from Long Island, New York. Ryan plays guitar, piano, harmonica, and vocals. At the young age of 14, Ryan began to gig on Long Island. Now only two years later he has played over 100 shows and has already completed a Florida tour, and two New England tours, titled the "Love Around The World Tour."

Ryan Cassata is the composer of the soundtrack for "Loop Planes", an independent film about a transgendered teen and his relationships. Loop Planes appeared in the South By Southwest (SXSW) film and music festival (2010) and also appeared in the Tribeca Film festival. (2010)

Ryan Cassata also appeared on The Larry King Live Show (2009) and the Tyra Banks Show (2010) for being transgender himself. Aside from being a musician Ryan is a strong advocate for the Transgender community. He has taught at many schools on Long Island, and even made it up to Albany to talk to New York State Officials. Ryan appeared in Hamptons Bay Magazine (2008), and Go Magazine (2008), for his hard work and advocacy. He also appeared in Bay Shore High Schools' "Maroon Echo" twice for his advocacy along with his musical achievements.

Ryan Cassata writes very passionate lyrics. His words are very positive and inspirational to this generation of people. Ryan Cassata hopes to spread this positivity across the country, and around the world, in hopes to make people smile and catch on to kindness.

Ryan Cassata is doing much more than the average 16 year old. He demands change, he demands revolution, and... he demands PEACE.

Ryan Cassata's Media Appearances

  • "Fabulous Lawn Parties", Hamptons Magazine - August 2008
  • "LIGALY Tops", Go Magazine - August 2008
  • "My Daughter Became my Son", Mom Logic - June 2009
  • Larry King Live Show - July 2009
  • Tyra Banks Show - January 2010
  • "True To Himself, Teen Proud of Gender Identity", Maroon Echo (BSHS) - January 2010
  • "Telling His Story is Key to Education", Maroon Echo (BSHS) - January 2010
  • Loop Planes Soundtrack - 2009-2010 (SXSW, Tribeca, Outfest, Hamptons, Israel, +)
  • "Distraction", Out Radio - May 2010
  • Trans-Genre Musician Selection - August 2010
  • "Rick's Rising Stars", Verison Fios 1 - August 2010
  • "We Are The Youth", October 2010






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