Ryan Hunter is a Long Island musician who was in the pop punk band Kingston 12 and more recently in the Experimental Alternative Rock band, Envy on the Coast. He also had a brief spell in 3 Minute Warning which featured Sal Bossio, and Jeremy Velardi. Brian Byrne was also in the band, but at a different time then Ryan. All three members would go on to form Envy on the Coast with Ryan.

Early CareerEdit

Ryan's most famous early band was Kingston 12, a Pop Punk band. Now in a band called "North Korea"

Envy on the CoastEdit

Ryan Hunter and Sal Bossio began talks of starting a band together after 3 Minute Warning broke up. They formed Writ in Water with everyone from Envy on the Coast except for Dan Gluszak because Alex Schatz was the drummer at the time. The band recorded the Writ in Water Demo and the acoustic sampler which featured the song "Envy on the Coastline", written about Ryan's jealousy for Brand New's success.

Afterwards the band went through a period when their name was New Atlantic, but then changed their name to Envy on the Coast and Dan joined on drums after Alex went to college. The band then recorded with producer Brian Russell who introduced the band to Will Noon of Straylight Run. Noon later became their manager. Since then the band has released the Envy on the Coast EP and Lucy Gray and have toured in the United States, England, Japan, and Australia with some of the most successful bands in the indie world.



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