Satellite Lost was an Oyster Bay based Experimental Alternative Rock band that formed in 2003 and ended on December 30th, 2005.


Jason Schneider and Philip Rutkowski had shared guitar duties in The Cotton Weary, a Post-Emo Indie Rock band from Long Island. Justin Williams and Ryan Mahon had also played together in various projects, and when they began Satellite Lost, the chemistry was undeniable.

Their first EP, Bows and Arrows Against Lightning, was recorded over a Thanksgiving weekend in November, 2003. It was released on Break Even Records in January 2004. The band played shows consistently and experimented with new material. The band broke up six months later due to circumstances beyond their control. Their last recorded material, the full length album; The Devil's in the Details was released through The Fiction Starts Here Records at their final show on December 30th, 2005.

All tracks were recorded by Sean at Air Powered Tools.

Ryan Mahon went on to join Gracer with Chris Enriquez and Tommy Orza of On the Might of Princes. Justin Williams eventually joined Gracer after touring and recording with Lux Courageous.

Justin left Gracer and formed Circle the Sun with Jason Schneider in 2008.



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