Second Impressions is a 5 piece Pop Punk band from Massapequa, New York.


The band was formed in August 2007 by Luke Mino-Altherr, Lee Henderson, Sean Lawless, and Brent Lawless. They had no experience in the music scene. The Band recorded a 3 song EP in December 2007. Jake Kugler was added on synth March 2008. After a year of writing, and playing shows, the band recorded "The Search Party EP" in December 2008. Lee Henderson left the band May 2009.

Max Brown later replaced Henderson on guitar May 2010

The band recently recorded an EP titled "Still in Control"

Max Brown left the band shortly after the EP release.


  • Luke Mino-Altherr- Guitar/Vocals
  • Sean Lawless- Bass
  • Brent Lawless- Drums
  • Jake Kugler- Synth

Former MembersEdit

  • Lee Henderson- Guitar/Vocals
  • Max Brown- Guitar


  • Still Life Studios Demo(2007)
  • I Am the Search Party(2008-2009)
  • Still in Control(2010)

External linksEdit

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