The demo, "Senor Anchovie" was Hardcore Punk band, Subterfuge's first released material, that was released in October of 1996. It was recorded live from their practice space, Tri-Star Studio. The band printed less than 75 cassettes of this material, and sold them in the hallways of Smithtown High School, where they all attended for $2. They got the name "Senor Anchovie" from a rant from a live Green Day bootleg cd.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Subterfuge"
  2. "A Deuce"
  3. "Why Should I Try?"
  4. "Lost Your Nerve"
  5. "Reconcile"
  6. 'Thinking About You"
  7. "Fucking Angry"
  8. 'Maxwell Murder" (Rancid Cover)

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