Set in Color is a Power Pop band from East Meadow that was started in September of 2008 by former Stereo Skyline member: Matt Villani.


After Matt Villani, the founder of Stereo Skyline left Stereo Skyline, he went on to record 3 acoustic demo's as a solo acoustic project. Eventually decidecing to become a full band, Villani adding three other members, two of which were former members of Stereo Skyline as well. He recruited Tom Angenbroich, one time bassist for Stereo, Anthony Purpura, one time drummer and eventual synth player for Stereo, on guitar, and finally Kenny Gallart the drummer of local band Brightline, at the time, on drums. (Kenny Gallart has parted ways with Brightline to pursue Set in Color). Since the addition of the new members, Villani has released two acoustic singles and premiered the bands self titled EP at the Crazy Donkey on November 16th, 2008. At the band's December 23rd, 2008 show at ChristMOSH at The Crazy Donkey, Villani introduced the band's Trey Ewald, a new vocalist, guitarist, and addition to the band.

The band began to tour the north east extensively with bands like Valet Parking and Score 24. In early 2009, bassist Thomas Angenbroich left the band for undisclosed reasons. Purpura took over the band's bass duties and the band adopted Score 24's guitarist, Joe Fox as their new member. The band is currently working on their next EP, "Get Up Get Down", and have already released the title track as a single. In the early spring of 2009, they released another new song off the EP entitled "Ellie".

In summer 2009, Joe Fox left the band, and Kenny Gallart was kicked out of the band. He was soon replaced by Valet Parking's Chris Capuano. They are currently writing and recording another EP with Nick Zinnanti. A new guitarist was added to the band from Anthony's old band Forever on the shoreline Chris or Topher as he likes to call himself, was made new bassist for the band. In January 2010, Matt Villani was kicked out of the band, moveing Trey Ewald to lead vocals.

Trey Ewald left the band January 27, 2011.

Anthony is now selling merchandise for stereo skyline.

Topher is now a tour manager.

Trey Ewald is now solo and is working on a new album.

Chris, well he kinda just dissapeared and no one ever heard from hiim again


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