Shakedown Tonight is the first album from the metalcore band Anterrabae. It was released on March 23rd, 2004 and was distributed by Triple Crown Records.

It was produced by George Fullan.

Track ListingEdit

1. "How Joey Got His Groove Back" – 3:07
2. "Dressed To Thrill" – 2:19
3. "Curfews, Alcohol And Other Jealousy Related Incidents" – 3:02
4. "Clever Shoplifting Tactics" – 4:13
5. "Etcetera" – 2:44
6. "Ready Set Explode" – 2:59
7. "Her Face Was A Study In Martyred Innocence" – 4:13
8. "Engage Catch Phrase" – 5:17
9. "Nevertheless She Was A Mess" – 3:21
10. "Mending Tones From Vowels And Frowns" – 3:23
11. "CA Speech Goodbye" – 7:29


Neal Carter (Vocals)
Joey Spagna (Guitar)
Matt Gorton (Guitar and Piano)
Ryan Polker (Bass)
Chris Gleason (Drums)

Other PersonellEdit

Mark Kluepfel (Vocals on track 4, 8 and 11)
Dan Terr (Additional Vocals)
Doug Sleeping (Additional Vocals)
George Fullan (Recording/Mixing/Producer/Additional Vocals)
Erich Barto (Courtesy of Strike First Records)(Additional Vocals)
Alan Douches (Mastering)

External LinksEdit

Anterrabae's Official Myspace

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