Show Me Action is a five-piece Progressive Rock/Alternative Rock band from Rockville Center. Formed in late summer of 2005, the members of the band met through orchestral ensembles; they are all classically trained musicians. Show Me Action has in its two years shared the stage with such notable acts as Nightmare of You, Moneen, Permanent Me, Bayside, Envy on the Coast, and many other Long Island native mentors.


Show Me Action originated as Paid Programming in 2003, when the members were freshmen in high school. They released two songs, "Escape Child" and "Haven" and played around Long Island and Connecticut for about a year. The drummer at the time, Sean Burns was replaced with Jack Donoghue in 2004. Around this time, the members of Paid Programming met Jack Tangney, and they enlisted him as a singer. Tangney was two years older then the youngest members in the band. Danny Rocco, the lead singer at the time moved to back ups and they changed their name to Show Me Action.

In 2005, they began touring and recording. They released their first demo, which consisted of the tracks "Not Yet, Take It, Up in Arms, 20-20 Hindsight, and Weights".

At this time, Danny Rocco started his own solo project, which was signed to Lobster/Oort Records (former home of Yellowcard, Over It, and Lorene Drive) in the spring of 2008. His solo album will be recorded by Anthony Natoli of End the Stars. Around the same time, Show Me Action replaced their drummer, Jack Donoghue with Tony Lopez, the former drummer for Daydream Radio. Show Me Action completed a four week tour with Destiny or Design in the spring of 2008 and demoed two new songs with Jesse Korman from The Number 12 Looks Like You. The group also performed at the Knicks' Half-time show.

The group recently updated their myspace layout and added new songs: "Let the Light In", "Strange Days", "Can't Find You", and "Head Up High".

Members Danny Rocco and Jack Tagney are currently in the Pop Rock band, Night Fevers.


Former MembersEdit

  • Jack Donoghue (drums)
  • Sean Burns (drums)


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