Showtime is the first demo/EP by Eli Whitney & The Sound Machine, released on August 29, 2009. It was recorded and mixed by Craig Shay (mostly in Craig's basement, and a little bit in Vizzi's). Vizzi burnt the first 50 copies and meticulously drew unique art on each slipcase. When they couldn't get these from Vizzi's house for one show he was away for, 29 more were burnt by Craig's little sister in violation of the Fair Labor Standards act of 1938 (Chapter 8, Sec. 212).

If you have this, I'm sorry.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Objective (Lyrics: Shay, Music: Shay, Hennessy, Flancbaum)
  2. Showtime (Lyrics: Vizzi, Music: Vizzi, Hennessy, Flancbaum)
  3. Perfect Day (Lyrics: Shay, Music: Shay, Hennessy, Flancbaum)
  4. Blue Grotto (Lyrics: Vizzi, Music: Vizzi, Flancbaum)
  5. The Joker (Music: Vizzi, Hennessy)


  • There is no bonus track on Showtime, and if there was it would not in any way at all annoy members of any other Long Island ska band, especially not ones that broke up right before this demo came out.

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