Soldiers is a Hardcore band from Long Island, formed out of the bands: This Is Hell, Subterfuge, Last Conviction, and The Backup Plan. Since their inception in 2006, the band has released a full length album, entitled "End of Days", an EP entitled "The Tombstone", and has toured with bands such as Dead Hearts, Daggermouth, Comeback Kid, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Reign Supreme and This Is Hell.


In April, 2006, Rick Jimenez and Dan Bourke, of This Is Hell, began eagerly recruiting members for a new project. Rick asked his former fellow guitar player, Chris Mazella (the vocalist) in Subterfuge, and enlisted current Last Conviction guitarist, Brian Audley and bassist Andrew Jones, who used to play in The Backup Plan. The five began writing, and soon recorded and released their debut, "The Tombstone EP" in May. After a handful of shows, supporting the record, Soldiers attracted Five Point Records. The label re-released "The Tombstone EP" in August and the band hit the road for a Northeastern tour shortly afterward. The band nearly signed a deal with Eulogy Records, but instead ended up signing to Trustkill Records, and released the full length "End of Days" in December of 2007.



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